Newsletter August 2019. Issue 30
Greetins to 'ee all.
You are probably all hoping that this time there might just be no mention of my replacement !
However, the good news is we do at last have a new member who has expressed an interest in taking on the position of
Hon Sec and will be attending our next committee meeting to meet the members. He will then work with me before
taking over after the next AGM.
I will not identify him yet just in case!!
I shall continue organising the dinner and
other events until we can find someone to take that on because it has been decided that this should no longer be the
responsibility of the Hon Sec
At our last committee meeting Peter Lush our Membership Secretary raised the issue of when trying to recruit new
members and having to explain what the Society is about and just what we do.
He thought that we might consider
having District Secretaries again which might encourage members to support localised events in their area.
There is
much merit in this proposal if only we could find the members prepared to take on this role and maybe they might bring
some new ideas and fresh thinking to the Society.
It is not long before the County Dinner and it would be quite an achievement if we could manage to fill all 350 places
available to us at the George Albert.
We have an excellent speaker in His Honour Judge Mark Lucraft the Chief Coroner
of England and Wales and once again a very good menu.
Also, we have reduced the cost for members, wives and
However, any guests will need to pay the full cost of £44.
This year to avoid the crush in the reception area we
are able to spread into the adjoining room with an extended seating area which should give us much more space.
So let
us see a full house this year!
Following the last AGM we held a Special General Meeting to enable the Rules of the Society to be updated.
As far as
Rule 12 is concerned it was altered so that in future proposals relating to rule changes can be made at an AGM rather
than having to hold a SGM.
Might this possibly lead to another proposal to admit ladies to the Society?
Certainly, this
issue has not gone away.
Don't forget to give your support to the Xmas Lunch with Carols at the Crown Hotel, Blandford on Sunday 8th
December - always a popular event.
Thick cheese be t' best in all the land!
Wold Joe 'ad a Vinny cheese an' twere too 'ard
t' cut.
Now 'is 'barra' wanted a new wheel zoo 'ee drilled a 'ole drew t'
middle o' thick cheese an' stuck 'ee on 'is barra'
'Em lasted ee' ver vivteen yers 'ard wear 'en then 'er vell t' pieces but Joe
'ee zold ' they bits ver wold iron!.
Thy true vriend an' zarvent
Hayne Russell
Hon Sec
Once again members of the Society commemorated our founders,
Sir Frederick Treves and William Watkins at their gravesides
in the Weymouth Avenue Cemetery, Dorchester.
Our Chaplain the Reverend Doctor John Travell FRSA
conducted a short service of remembrance.