Newsletter February 2020. Issue 31
Greetins to 'ee all an' these be t' last time you'm be 'avin t' put up wi' I rabbitin' on t' 'ee all ! Yes, sadly this will be my
last offering to you as your Hon Sec and at the next AGM I shall be handing over to my replacement. When I took
over the role in 2004 it was with much apprehension and some trepidation because I had a formidable act to follow
in the late Gordon Hine who had reigned supreme for 25 years.
However, with much help from the committee and
the support of the membership it has turned out to be a joyful and rewarding experience. Along the way, I have
met and enjoyed the company of many members and it has been a pleasure to share the common bond which exists
between us all in our love of "Dorset our County"
I hope that I am able to hand over the reins of a Society which is in
good order and hopefully will continue to flourish for many years to come.
Your new Hon Sec Steve Newman is one of the younger members of the Society and you will find his profile and
photograph included in the Newsletter. I wish him well and will be on hand, of course, to give as much support
and help that he might need in what can be quite a challenging role. Also, you will not have lost sight of me
completely because I shall be continuing to organise our events and the County Dinner because the Committee
have very sensibly decided that the administrative function and that of organising events should be split. You will,
therefore see from the "Society dates for your Diary" that as an experiment this coming year there will be a number
of extra events solely for the benefit of members residing in specific areas of the County. is will reduce travelling
and hopefully attract members who might like to participate in something different and by the time this Newsletter
has been received the first of these, will have seen the Purbeck members have their dinner at Purbeck Golf Club. I
will finish by paying a tribute to my wife Pat to whom I and the Society owe a debt of gratitude because she has been
such a huge help to me over the years with her advice and assistance in so many ways.
Instead of my usual Dorset dialect joke I shall offer a more sober piece which reflects my love of Dorset.
Dorset our County, Fairest of Counties
Home of our Childhood, Our haven on earth
How our heart yearns for thee, How our hearts turn for thee
Dorset our County, Land of our Birth !
y true vriend an' zarvent
Hayne Russell, Hon Sec (Retiring)
I feel very proud to be the eleventh Honorary Secretary to the Society. I
was born and bred and still live in Weymouth, and have worked in
Dorchester for the majority of my working life. Dorset is a truly wonderful
place and I am looking forward to contributing to the Society's aim of
fostering love and pride in the county, its history and its culture.