NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2023 THE EDITOR’S THOUGHTS After the recent heavy rains the river Frome has burst its banks and large areas of farmland near where I live are covered in water. No doubt the usual suspects will say that this is due to global warming and prophesy that we are all doomed! Whilst there is no denying that climate change is happening I remain sceptical about the effect of man’s activities on it and still less our ability to stop or slow it down. Even more do I doubt that the UK’s (very expensive) efforts such as banning diesel and petrol cars and gas boilers will have any effect on the global climate at all. Because, of course, flooding of water meadows is intentional and in other fields quite normal after heavy rain and has been experienced many times in the past to even higher levels. So what’s to be done? Well I would say keep calm and carry on as our forebears did! YEAR BOOK I am pleased to report that a new editor has been appointed and will be making himself known to you soon. THE 2023 ANNUAL DINNER The Society of Dorset Men’s Annual County Dinner will be held at the George Albert Hotel, Evershot, on Saturday 29th April. The agreed price is £45 for members and B&B is a very reasonable £80 for a double room. A menu and wine list is attached. Members are requested to reply by mail or email to Chris Goodinge 5 Barton Hill, Shaftesbury, SP7 8DQ by 1st April. The speaker will be Ken Tuffin BSc. Ken is the MD of Pearce Seeds a company which provides agronomy and agricultural services based in the South West, supplying farming and agricultural products and services in Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Hampshire & Gloucestershire. He is also involved in the Insect Technology Group which is concerned with commercialising industrial scale insect based technologies upcycling organic feedstocks. Should be interesting! MEMBERSHIP At a recent committee meeting the Hon. Membership Secretary informed us that, since the last meeting nine new members had joined the society, there had been eighteen deaths and nine resignations. The total membership now stands at 798. He has this message for us: